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Article: The race that changes lives

La carrera que cambia vidas

The race that changes lives

Ana debuts this year in the Valencia Marathon, Tato faces his seventh contest in the city of running. Two lives, two realities and the same challenge. This is how they are living the challenge with SPORCKS

December. Valencia. Marathon. The Valencian test has become a benchmark and pride of a city that has become a pole of attraction for the international runner community.

There is something about this race and this city (for years the city of running) that they decide to monitor the months after the summer in favor of completing the challenge of the 42,097-meter marathon that endures, and in what way, the look at the Majors.

The dream of crossing the lagoon of the City of Arts and Sciences through its blue catwalk seduces more popular athletes every year. In 2022, 30,000 runners will meet again at the start to see how their heart rate soars under the chords of Libre by Nino Bravo.

Many stories, dreams, promises that unite in a mixture of emotions to which a proper name is always associated. At SPORCKS we stop at two stories. Ana's and Tato's. A debutante with all her doubts, hopes and fears; and a Vietnam veteran who cannot conceive of starting Christmas without the heat of the first weekend of December through the tumultuous streets of the City of Running.

Ana is a doctor and as a child she hated running. Now he counts the hours to his first marathon. Sport has been present at home: tennis, skiing, soccer... The MIR took this doctor to Valencia who fell into the trap of the city of running.

Enrolled in the ranks of the massive Redolat Team, Ana counts the hours to put on her bib and run 22 kilometers through Valencia. The big moment arrives and the head does not rest. fears? Pressure? Happiness? Emotions run high, but there's something inside that tells us we're ready.

“Valencia is a city where sport caught me and that is why I wanted to run the marathon here. After the first half marathon, six more arrived and I decided to jump to the queen distance. The atmosphere that exists in the city is incredible and I wanted to feel it”, says Ana.

Tato Aguilera is a war veteran. He runs with 365Rider and faces his 9th marathon, sixth in Valencia. 2.39:34 is his mark in the test. The years go by, the training sessions, but the passion for Valencia remains.

“I have been able to race in several 'squares', but Valencia is special. The atmosphere, knowing that you are running at home, in front of your family and friends... is an indescribable feeling. In addition, the circuit is perfect for squeezing yourself. It's a marathon, but in Valencia you know you can give it your all”, he confesses.

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