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A time of uncertainty begins, possibly difficult times just at the moment when we were reborn again. But now we can't change the course of life and it's time to reinvent ourselves to be stronger.

I will avoid any negative comments or ideas because there is already enough evil to be on TV and social networks. My idea is to extol and motivate all of us who are confined at home and don't know what the next few months will bring us.

I want to start outside of the sport and comment on those moments of union in which we find ourselves. Families are closer than ever and even the neighbors go out on the terraces to applaud, sing, and play. The spectacular work that our doctors, nurses, police officers, supermarket employees, airport employees are doing... I personally get goosebumps and I am fascinated to see how DJs, musicians, coaches seek to encourage the one in front of them and do May your day locked up at home have been worth it.

It is brutal to see how far our imagination goes to be able to look for that smile and positive humor that we have in Spain. Every day there is something new, a new idea that makes us forget that we are confined at home. I delight myself thinking about how we are going to take advantage of the beaches, squares, mountains when everything returns to normal. They may have to put limited capacity on the streets.

What do I want to say with this reflection? that we take advantage of the circumstances; In family and work, each one in the best way they know how or can. On the sports issue, let's not stand still! Now it's time to move and more than ever. It is very difficult to take advantage of the square meters of a house, especially if it is small, but if a runner did 50km at home, then we are capable of anything. I'm not saying about doing this madness, but there are hundreds of videos with functional training, games and very good ideas so we don't get stuck.

We don't know how long we will be locked up and it is true that many of you were training hard for a year full of competitions and dreams that you had put on the horizon. Well, life sometimes tests us and that is where each person makes a difference. It would be a shame to see how all the effort of many hours vanished by an M virus, so we have to continue. This will not be eternal and there will be a time when we will enjoy our nature and surroundings again. Think of our super athletes who have sports as a profession and right now they can only stay at home and some even don't even train. I believe that it is essential that, as far as possible, we continue to move and fight for our dreams.

Personally I wrote a few years ago about my debut in IRONMAN (SEE POST) . For those of you who don't know, it is a test that lasts many hours where you take your body to the limit swimming, running and cycling. After many months training for endless hours, two weeks after the test my dream was dashed by a fall and broken clavicle. After the deep setback, I reacted and more than ever I wanted to do that IRONMAN. The following year, stronger than ever, I fulfilled my dream.

We have to move friends and continue managing not to stop. If you stop your body you stop your mind. With sport and movement we generate endorphins that cause a positive mind and well-being. You have to take advantage of this moment and do something different. If we move and play sports at home, it will help us come up with more originalities and improve at all levels. There are already many people reinventing themselves with challenges and games. So if we can't think of anything right now, take advantage of the hundreds of videos and ideas that you can find online. You may be lucky and if you look out on the balcony there is someone doing Yoga classes.

If you can buy a super roller do it and ride a piece of "PAIN CAVE". If you don't ride a bike or don't want to spend money, there are exercises with a simple roll of paper, which, due to what is left in the supermarkets, we must have a full house.

Do not sit still and look for a mini challenge for each day. We will return stronger and with a mind so powerful that the return will make us fearful. Both in the sports field, as in the family and work. Let's make Spain strong! HEALTHY MENS IN HEALTHY BODY

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